Equipment Recommendations

To get the most out of your cycling trip you should be prepared for everything the trails and the weather have to throw at you! The following list is a guide line for what to bring to get the maximum out of your mountain biking experience. the list is not exhaustive so bring any essentials you think we've missed.

  • mountain bike (in case you don't rent one)
  • jersey(s)
  • cycling shorts with a quality chamois
  • helmet
  • full finger bike gloves with a padded palm
  • cycling socks(synthetic or lightweight wool)
  • arm warmers
  • leg warmers(or long bibs)
  • cycling shoes 
  • hydratation pack with zippered utility pockets
  • water canteen with hydratation liquid
  • spare tubes
  • hand pump
  • MultiTool(preferably one with a chain breakerunit)
  • knees and elbows protection
  • quality rain jacket(preferably Gore-Tex, with pit-zips for ventilation)
  • wind jacket(lightweight and form-fitting)
  • sweater(fleece and form-fitting mid layer)
  • top and bottom baselayer(syntetic or lightweight wool)
  • sunglasses(polarized are ideal)
  • camera(phone or poit-and-shoot, and a GoPro or other POV camera)
  • phone
  • neck warmer(or BUFF preferably)

  If you don't find something on the list, and you think is absolutelly necessary, do not hesitate to put in your luggage, or contact us for more details!



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Guidance and Assistance

Our team is ready to provide touristic assistance on the bike tour.A dedicated team of professionalls guides will take you on the most snappy trails.

Guidance and Assistance

Bike rentals

In our packages there is the possibility of bike rentals.

We can put to your disposalan variedbike fleet, with different sizes, from 22" , 24" to 26" and 29", hardtails or full-suspension.

bike rentals

Transportation and logistics

Transportation from and to the airport is secured by transport company specialized with buses with different capacities, according to the group structure: 8, 16, 24,44 persons.

Transportation and logistics

I have spent 2 amazing days with RoBikeMania team and I have to say they treat me very professional. Very good accomodation in partner hotel, tasty food and strong and reliable bikes!

- Thomas, Belgium

Most wanted packages

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T4E + T5E + T6E + T7E - At Prince's Charles gates


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